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I keep Cooper's hair in a puppy cut so it doesn't require as much grooming as if he had a long coat. I brush him once a day and use Diamond Eyes on his face once a day. Throughout the day I also wipe away any eye gunk from his face. I use ear cleaner in his ears about once a week, sometimes more if he has any irritation. I find this helps prevent ear infections. He goes to the groomer for a haircut every six weeks (that's more often than I go to the hairdresser!) Normally I can get away with not bathing him myself for that period of time, because unless he has been playing in water or mud he doesn't get very dirty. Dirt doesn't seem to stick to his hair for very long, maybe it's the silkiness.

0 Comments 20 July 2015


Hi, I'm Cooper's owner!

  Lytham St. Annes, England

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