Hi, my name is Cooper and I'm a shih tzu. I was born on July 1st, 2013 and I live with my owner, Kirsty, in Lytham, which is a seaside town in the north west of England. Kirsty has taught me some very unusual and special tricks. A lot of people ask Kirsty how she was able to teach me these things, so on this site she will explain how! (Hint: it involves lots of treats). Kirsty uses only positive reinforcement (love, praise, kibble/treats) and clicker training to teach me these tricks. Some tricks require visual cues, some require oral cues, some require no cues at all! Every trick video you will see on my YouTube and Instagram is real. Nothing is faked or edited in, and almost all of my videos are recorded within a few takes. Although Kirsty has spent many hours training me, I spend most of my time lazing around, getting cuddles, going on walks, and running on the beach! I love learning new tricks though because it means I get lots of kibble or treats!