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Unfortunately there isn't a clear time length for any of them, and many of them involve improvement over long periods of time. For example, he got the concept of putting the shape in the shape sorter hole within about 5-10 minutes, but to start learning the shapes took weeks, and to begin to perfect the shapes took months. For the kid's ring stacker toy, he instantly knew how to put the rings on, but it took him longer to understand that they have to go on in a specific order. For his tongue trick, I had to sit watching him for hours at a time for a few days, clicking and treating him when his tongue happened to poke out. Eventually he realized he got the treat when his tongue came out. Overall there's a large time commitment involved for most of the advanced tricks, but he picks up some tricks more quickly than others, and he often gets the basic idea quickly. For simple tricks, he normally learns them quickly unless they involve balance or some kind of special technique.

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