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Why do you spend this much time training him? Why can't you let him just be a dog?

Have you heard of Munchkin the Teddy Bear (YouTube) (also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), the tiny little shih tzu girl who became famous for wearing a teddy bear costume? She wears that costume in almost every photo and video, and some people assume that she must wear it most or all of the time, even saying that the owner is cruel for making her wear it. But she doesn't wear it all or most of the time! She only wears it for photos and videos because that's what people like to see.

Cooper's situation is similar. People aren't very interested in seeing him do "dog" things like running around on the beach (which he does every day). They want to see him perform! That's why I normally only upload videos where he is doing tricks. But in real life he spends most of his time being a dog! He lazes around, goes on walks, plays with other dogs, runs around the beach, plays fetch, and gets lots of cuddles and love. His training is only a small part of his life. Sometimes I go weeks or even months without teaching him anything new. Please don't assume that his whole life is based on training, just because you've seen so many videos where he's doing tricks!

BUT: Keep in mind, Cooper enjoys being trained. He loves doing tricks. It's fun for him. He doesn't see it as "work." He sees it as playtime with treats at the end! He has always liked doing treat/doggy puzzles, and that's what training is to him. :)

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Hi, I'm Cooper's owner!

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