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Counting Kibble

This tutorial will explain how I taught Cooper to “count” pieces of kibble. You must follow the “Communicating using buttons” tutorial before you follow this one.

You’ve probably seen videos of dogs counting and doing math before. Most of these dogs, even the famous ones, are receiving extremely subtle

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Communicating Using Buttons

This tutorial will explain how I taught Cooper to press a button which has a symbol representing a type of food. This tutorial is the prerequisite for the “counting” trick.

Cooper does a few different tricks using talking buttons: pressing a button which represents an object or type of food;

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Where's Your Tongue?

This is the trick that people ask about the most so I thought I would explain it first! Ever since Cooper was a young puppy he has had his tongue sticking out some of the time. When he was 3 months old I decided to turn it into a trick.

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How I taught Cooper to play with a shape sorter

Getting a dog to play with a shape sorter is a multi-part process. He needs to be able to:

  • Pick up an item on command (or at least take it off of you)
  • Drop an item on command
  • Drop an item inside of something on command

Cooper and his first shape sorter

I used only positive

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